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Since our founding in 2007 in Hong Kong, Beauty Express has grown exponentially to establish itself as a leader in beauty, wellness and fashion across the Asia-Pacific region.

Focusing on retail and distribution, we’ve built an extensive network of over 80 stores and employ over 600 staff to date. Covering key locations such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Macau, we plan to continue our upward growth and expand into new markets and territories in the immediate future.


In addition to these numbers, Beauty Express also manages a bespoke loyalty scheme for its customers, with a growing active membership of over 300,000 people to date.

Since our inception, we’ve acquired exclusive distribution rights and developed key partnerships with international leading brands. This includes Premier by Dead Sea Premier, Salt Spa concept by Premier, Gold Elements, Gratiae, amika:, and Trésor Rare De Premier.


Due to our strong localized market knowledge, we’ve been able to position brands in some of the most prestigious locations within the Asia-Pacific region.

Alongside our strong bricks and mortar presence, Beauty Express has large-scale Ecommerce operations spanning the Asia-Pacific region. This has led to the establishment of key offices in Shanghai and Tel Aviv, recruiting exceptional talent to drive growth in this sector.


Our commitment to rigorous staff training, backed by an international management team and strong company infrastructure, has made Beauty Express a favored partner for developing and growing brands across key skin care and beauty verticals.







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